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I am very happy to announce that, due to many requests, i am finally releasing ‘The Nest’ in print form.

These giclee prints are made using rich, deep “100 year” lightfast pigments on fine, extra-thick 310gsm paper. As always, the prints were made by master craftsman Jay Foran at Alpha, and those of you who have bought prints from me in the past will be familiar with the impeccable quality of his work.

These prints will be approximately 15”x24” (38cm x 61cm), and are $190 US each, which includes shipping to ANYWHERE in the world, and strictly limited to a single edition of 250 prints.  Each print is signed and numbered by myself, as well as hand-stamped in the Japanese style with my personal sigil in red ink, and also hand-stamped with the black wax seal of SekretCity, as you can see in the attached pic.

Ordering is now officially open, and if you’d like to order one, please go to:

As always, thanks so much to all of you for all of your interest and support! May Autumn’s crisp days bring you all much joy…



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